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Stitching Meets Filofax - Use A Stitching Theme In Your Summer Planner



How do you organize your life?  Do you need some inspiration

to get organized?  I still love using pen and paper in a Filofax

planner.  Actually keeping my planner has become a new hobby

because I decorate my pages with scrapbook and office supplies. 

In previous blog posts, I showed you how I was using a sewing

theme in my Filofax this year.  Now take a picture walk with me

through some of my summer planner pages! You may find some




Quotes, color, and sewing items get me going each day!


















Decorative Supplies - Close Up




Washi Tape


Scrapbooking Materials MT Washi Masking Tape



Embroidery Washi Tape, Etsy


MT for Kids Embroidery Washi Tape, Etsy


Yano Design Yellow Flowers Japanese Washi Masking Tape, Etsy


Sources for Supplies

Washi Tape – various shops on Etsy

Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup, Jillibean Soup –

Borders | stickers for August  – Doodlebug Designs, Inc.

Stickers for paper clips – Doodlebug Designs, Inc. | Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup die cuts

Weekend banner, pin cushion sticker – June pages – Cute


I hope you have enjoyed this peek at my summer planner pages.  If you love scrapbooking materials and stitching, this is a great way to combine both hobbies.


Note:  I am not affiliated with any of the companies or shops listed in this blog and will not receive any compensation for featuring them in my blog post.




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