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Five Tips for Stitching with DMC Coloris Floss


Have you tried DMC’s Coloris floss?    When I discovered it a year ago, I knew I had to use it in some cross-stitch projects.  After experimenting with it, I love using it.  It is fun and magical to watch the way  the variegated colors play out in the designs as you stitch.  If you have used it, you know what I am talking about.  If not, perhaps, you will decide to add it to your needlework repertoire.  Permit me to show you five tips I discovered for stitching with Coloris floss.

(Note:   I am not receiving any monetary benefits nor am I affiliated with the DMC.  I simply enjoy using these products.)

Cross Stitch Ideas for Your Valentine


Note:  Portions of this post appeared in an earlier blog post.  Information has been updated.



Looking for something to stitch for Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas I found while browsing the web.  Two are patterns I tried myself and others included here looked like quick and easy patterns you could work up for that special day.

(Note: I do not receive any monetary reward for any products featured in this post.  I am including them because I like them and actually use them!!)


Embroidered Silk Boosts Morale in World War I



Imagine fighting for your life in a muddy 8 to 10-foot-deep trench.  Rats the size of kittens are running around you. Lice are all over your body.  You fear you will succumb to trench mouth, trench foot (fungal infections) or lose your feet to frost bite in the winter.  Grenades are blowing up around you.  Fire from machine guns and flame throwers are bombarding you, not to mention that you have to keep a gas mask at the ready to protect you from poison gas attacks.

This was life in the trenches along the European Western Front in World War I (1914-1918).  How did soldiers keep fighting in these horrible conditions?  They kept in touch with loved ones back home by sending special embroidered silk postcards.  In this post, I will tell you more about them and show you some examples that have survived the past 100 years.


Create Unique Holiday Gifts With Cross Stitch from AC Needlework



Have you started stitching gifts for the holidays yet? As stitchers, our holiday shopping begins before everyone else because our gifts take so much more work than the typical gifts do. That is what makes them so special.  When recipients open our stitched gifts, they see our love and work in every stitch we crossed in making our works of art!  I am so happy to introduce two new holiday designs from AC Needlework.  Keep reading to get the details.


Kick Your Stitching Up A Notch with Decorative Buttons


Are you looking to add a new twist to your cross stitch repertoire?  Try using decorative buttons! In this post I will show you how I used decorative buttons as the center piece of my counted cross stitch design called “Snow Time”. Keep reading to learn how to kick your stitching up a notch with decorative buttons.

(Note:  I do not receive any monetary reward for any products featured in this post.  I am including them because I like them and actually use them!!)

Finish Your Cross Stitch With The Flat Fold Technique



What are your favorite ways to finish and display your cross-stitch projects - framing, wrapping it around an art canvas, pillows, or ornaments?  How about trying something different?  After looking for a different way to finish some of my newest projects, I decided to try the flat fold finishing technique.  Let me share my experience with you here.  I think you will agree that you should try it.


5 Practical Tips Every Stitcher Needs To Know - An Update On Floss Conditioner



Do you use a thread conditioner when you cross stitch?  I had never used one until I discovered a product called Thread Heaven in a catalog.  At first, I was a bit skeptical that it would make a difference in my stitching, but it really did reduce the knotting and twisting of my floss. (You can read my initial review in a previous blog post, 5 Practical Tips Every Stitcher Needs to Know).

Tumbling Boxes -You Will Love Stitching This Geometric Illusion


Do you see the boxes?  Look closely. The shades of color will guide your eyes.

Maybe you see something else.  That’s the trick a geometric design does on your eyes.  Whether it’s the colors, shapes, or “boxes”, Tumbling Boxes Mandala will be a conversation piece for your décor.  Keep reading for more details about this cross stitch design.


Zenbroidery - I'm Trying It and I Like It



Have you tried Zenbroidery™ yet?  Finding myself between cross stitch projects, I decided I would pull out a Zenbroidery™ kit that I purchased at a local craft store and give it a try.  I have to say, I am enjoying it. Keep reading to get more details about my experiment with Zenbroidery™.


Caution - This Cross Stitch Design Could Tempt Your Sweet Tooth


You are probably wondering how in the world a cross stitch pattern could tempt your sweet tooth.  After I tell you where the inspiration for this Stripes and Triangle Quilt Block cross stitch design came from, you may see the connection too!  Keep reading to get the connection!



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