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Stitching Meets Filofax-Organizing Your Planner For The New Year



A New Year --- opportunities to be more organized!  A previous post featured scrapbook supplies that I planned to use in decorating my 2016 Filofax.  Read more to see how I used a sewing theme to organize my planner for 2016.


Spruce Up The Cover

The medallion on the cover was made by layering two lace die cuts with foam adhesive squares. Die cuts are from the Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection by Jillibean Soup™. 



The dashboard was made with stickers from Petit Poche ® stickers and Sewing Motif Die-Cut Flakes by Mind Wave, Inc. and Pea Pod die-cuts from Jillibean Soup™.



Dividers were made with the Sew Fun  scrapbook paper from the Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection - Jillibean Soup™.

Use an old divider as a pattern. Trace the dividers on the scrapbook paper and trim. Divider tabs were made by cutting out hoops from leftover paper used in making the dividers.  Laminate the dividers and punch holes to fit  your planner. Assign categories to your dividers.




Envelopes were made using the Sew Creative  scrapbook paper from the Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection -  Jillibean Soup™.  Numerous templates can be found on Pinterest.  Store stickers, paper clips, receipts-whatever you need to store.




Brighten your day with quotes in your planner by using Bite Size Bits from the Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection - Jillibean Soup™.


I hope the ideas in this post will inspire you to get organized in the new year.   Having fun with decorating your planner may entice you to use it more.




Suggested locations for the products featured in this blog post:

Jillibean Soup Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection ;    Simon Says 


Cute Things From Japan (Note: Now Cute Things From Japan has its own website and independent shop! Updated 2018)

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