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How To Create a Smile? Cross Stitch a Pansy!




Whether you call them “johnny jump ups”, violas, or pansies, nature gives us these sweet faces that make us smile in the dead of winter in the South.   Learn how to bring smiles to friends and family anytime of the year by stitching these counted cross stitch pansy designs from AC Needlework. 


Celebrate Fall by Cross Stitching This Fall Harvest Quilt Block



 Fall - my favorite time of year!  It means relief from the hot, muggy days of summer in the South.  Those crisp, clear days with intense red and gold leaves against vivid blue skies are breathtaking.  It also means harvest time!    Keep reading to see how this season inspired my Fall Harvest Quilt Block counted cross stitch design.  



Cross Stitch Stars Are Here and They Are FREE



If you follow AC Needlework on Facebook, you know I promised that new pattern releases were coming soon.  Well, I am happy to report that new Cross Stitch Stars have arrived at AC Needlework and better yet they are FREE for you in the AC Needlework free pattern gallery!  Keep reading for all the pattern details and get some ideas for using these patterns.


Have You Tried Zenbroidery Yet?




Have you tried zenbroidery?  It looks like fun, especially if you want to take a break from counted thread projects, want to learn traditional embroidery or are in the mood for a mixed media approach to stitching.  So, join me in exploring zenbroidery!


Cross Stitching A Rail Fence Quilt Block



The zig and zag of a rail fence is the inspiration for a popular 19th century quilt design known as the Rail Fence Quilt Block.  Not a quilter?  That’s ok!  Why not bring this eye tricking design into your cross stitch repertoire?  Keep reading to see how.



Free Counted Cross Stitch Designs from AC Needlework


Free counted cross stitch patterns have come to AC Needlework!!

 Keep reading for more information.



A New Holiday Design - Red Poinsettia Star


Do you love poinsettias?  I do!  Christmas is not complete without them.   My new cross stitch design, Red Poinsettia Star, was inspired by a red poinsettia accented with touches of white and, of course, green leaves.  Keep reading to get more details.


It's Snowing At AC Needlework



Do you find the summer heat getting to you?  I have a solution!  Why not change your mind set about the heat wave by stitching a snowflake?  Read more to see why it’s snowing at AC Needlework.


Stitching Meets Filofax - Use A Stitching Theme In Your Summer Planner



How do you organize your life?  Do you need some inspiration

to get organized?  I still love using pen and paper in a Filofax

planner.  Actually keeping my planner has become a new hobby

because I decorate my pages with scrapbook and office supplies. 

In previous blog posts, I showed you how I was using a sewing

theme in my Filofax this year.  Now take a picture walk with me

through some of my summer planner pages! You may find some



2 New Holiday Designs You Must See!



Have you started stitching gifts for the holidays yet?

For stitchers, holiday shopping begins before everyone else 

because our gifts take so much more work than the typical

gifts do. That is what makes them so special. 


When recipients open our stitched gifts, they see our love in every stitch we crossed.  As you are getting your holiday stitching rolling, I am so happy to introduce two new holiday designs from AC Needlework.  Keep reading to get the details. 

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