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Stitching Meets Filofax-Decorating Your Planner With A Sewing Theme


Perhaps you keep a planner or you are a scrap booker.  If you also do some form of needlework, here is the perfect planner theme for you.

Recently, I discovered several planner accessories using a sewing theme.   I love them so much that I will be using them to decorate my 2016 Filofax.   Let me introduce you to some of my favorites.

Scrapbooking Supplies

Jillibean Soup ™   has released a new scrapbook collection with a sewing theme. They call it the Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection.   Here’s a close up of items I will be using in my planner.

Decorative Die Cuts

 Pocket Cards

Scrapbook Paper


Stickers, Memo Notes, Washi Tape

Etsy  has a treasure trove of unique sewing themed planner supplies. I found these adorable products in the Etsy shop Cute things From Japan..

Update Cute Things From Japan now has its own website and shop.  Link updated 2018

                                        Stickers & Sticky Notes                                           


Die Cuts

Washi Tape

In the coming new year, think about incorporating some sewing themed items in your crafting.  Better yet, share with us in the comments section or post on Pinterest your creative uses of craft products like these.

Suggested locations for the products featured in this blog post:

Jillibean Soup Sew Sweet Sunshine Soup Collection

Simon Says

Stickers, Memo Notes, Washi Tape


Cute Things From Japan



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