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Stitching Meets Filofax - Use A Stitching Theme In Your Summer Planner



How do you organize your life?  Do you need some inspiration

to get organized?  I still love using pen and paper in a Filofax

planner.  Actually keeping my planner has become a new hobby

because I decorate my pages with scrapbook and office supplies. 

In previous blog posts, I showed you how I was using a sewing

theme in my Filofax this year.  Now take a picture walk with me

through some of my summer planner pages! You may find some



Stitching Meets Filofax-Decorate with Washi Tape


A previous blog post in my series, Stitching Meets Filofax, featured a variety of scrapbook supplies you could use to decorate your planner with a sewing theme.  This post will focus on one of those supplies - washi tape.  Keep reading to discover a variety of sewing themed washi tape you can use in decorating your planner.

Stitching Meets Filofax-Organizing Your Planner For The New Year



A New Year --- opportunities to be more organized!  A previous post featured scrapbook supplies that I planned to use in decorating my 2016 Filofax.  Read more to see how I used a sewing theme to organize my planner for 2016.

Stitching Meets Filofax-Decorating Your Planner With A Sewing Theme


Perhaps you keep a planner or you are a scrap booker.  If you also do some form of needlework, here is the perfect planner theme for you.

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